Unite for Success, Divide for Efficiency!

Embark on a collaborative entrepreneurial adventure in an offline business simulation game. Establish clear agreements on responsibilities, shares, and goals as you collectively tackle a shared problem.

Meet like-minded co-founders

Connect, share ideas, and fuel your entrepreneurial journey with the support and inspiration of fellow visionaries. Together, you'll navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable success. Join the game and meet your future co-founders today!

Unite and Divide

Effortlessly negotiate responsibilities, capital contributions, and shares. Embrace the power of division of labor while obtaining an incorporation agreement with ease, fostering unity and paving the way to startup success.

Incorporate with ease

Game of Founders: Simulate the incorporation process seamlessly for professionals, fostering a conflict-free environment. Learn effective communication, collective decision-making, and company formation essentials. Establish your venture smoothly, equipped to navigate the journey with ease.

Shift your expectations and embrace a new approach.

To be frank, my primary expertise lies in technology, and I've always been skeptical about establishing meaningful connections with others. When I was invited to the game, my expectations were not optimistic. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless synergy among people who were previously strangers to one another, as they effortlessly complemented each other.

Denis Reva

Being a junior product owner, I was genuinely amazed by how effortlessly we could set aside our unique communication styles and come together for a common purpose. It's astonishing how swiftly we could tackle problems by engaging in discussions with like-minded individuals, unburdened by the weight of personal responsibility for every action. This dynamic lies at the heart of how the Game and the team function, providing a fresh outlook on addressing significant challenges and finding effective solutions.

Mila Gagina

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it just a Game?

Game of Founders is an engaging simulation game that allows players to experience the process of incorporation in a virtual setting. While it provides a realistic and immersive experience, it's important to note that the game itself does not facilitate the actual legal incorporation of a company. However, the knowledge and skills gained from playing Game of Founders can certainly be applied in the real world. Armed with the insights and strategies learned in the game, players have the potential to navigate the real incorporation process more effectively and confidently. So, while Game of Founders doesn't directly facilitate incorporation, it can serve as a stepping stone towards successfully establishing your own company.

Is it Online or Offline?

Game of Founders is an offline game designed to emphasize the value of face-to-face communication and collaboration. By engaging in offline gameplay, players are encouraged to interact directly with each other, fostering meaningful connections and enhancing teamwork. This offline approach enables a more immersive and authentic experience, mirroring the real-world dynamics of building a startup. It promotes effective communication, problem-solving, and negotiation skills that are crucial for entrepreneurial success. So, while Game of Founders could have been an online game, the deliberate choice to make it offline underscores the significance of offline interactions in creating sustainable and thriving companies.

What are the Game rules?

In Game of Founders, the mechanics and rules are inspired by poker-like gameplay, enhancing the excitement and strategy of negotiating share contributions, responsibilities, and shares. Players engage in rounds of negotiation, leveraging their communication skills and strategic thinking to secure favorable outcomes. The game encourages calculated decision-making, as players assess the value of their contributions and navigate the dynamics of the startup ecosystem. With elements reminiscent of poker, Game of Founders injects a thrilling edge into the process, creating an immersive experience where negotiations unfold like a high-stakes game.

Is it friendly or competitive?

In Game of Founders, the communication environment is carefully cultivated through the role of the product owner. Acting as a guiding force, the product owner takes charge of answering the fundamental question of 'what to do.' This clarity eliminates potential arguments among startup founders and allows each individual to focus on their specific areas of expertise. By empowering founders to address their professional questions and contribute their specialized knowledge, the game creates a harmonious and productive atmosphere. With the product owner steering the ship, the team can navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and collaborate effectively, resulting in a streamlined and successful startup journey.

Unlock your full potential and scale your ambitions with Game of Founders.

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